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Achilles's CSR

We strive everyday to contribute to society and protect the environment for the mutual benefit of all our stakeholders.

Contributing to the Environment

We recognize that environmental issues are important for all humanity and they are also crucial for the company to survive. With full commitment to proactively reduce environmental burdens, we are striving to create a society that can truly harmonize with our rich environment.

Contribution to the Environment through the 3Rs.

3R initiatives3R initiatives

Aiming to create a recycling-oriented society, we promote the “3R initiatives” and are working toward reducing environmental burdens as part of implementing our ISO-14001(All production department acquired) environmental management activities. Also, derived from our environmental policies, we are reducing our emissions of waste products focusing on reduction and developing “Zero Emission Activities” to achieve zero final waste to disposal.

Achilles’s CSR

Achilles’s CSR

Achilles publishes a CSR report every year.

Contributing to Society

Factory Tour

Contributing to Society

We offer guided factory tours to visitors with the aim of providing them with an opportunity to see how products are manufactured at production sites. We also aim to raise the awareness of the importance of conserving the environment by explaining what environmental measures are in place at the factories.

Blood Donation Campaign

In order to save precious lives that need blood infusions because of diseases and injuries, we hold Blood Donation Campaigns in cooperation with the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Year-End Charity Drive

As part of our contribution to promoting community welfare, we have supported the Year-End charity drive since 1959 and have donated our shoes to municipal councils of social welfare across Japan.

Volunteer Activities

Under such mottos as “Serving others whenever and however we can” and “The Circle for cherishing the Environment,” we are actively participating in community events.

Achilles Scholarship Society

The Achilles Scholarship Society was established in 1963 with the aim of providing scholarships to competent and deserving recipients. It lends students academic funds to assist their living costs, and since its inception, over 700 recipients have used this to embark on their journeys as members of society.

Quality Assurance System

Quality Policy

With world-leading technology and a sincere attitude, we provide our customers with the best quality products that win over their trust and fully satisfy their needs.

Establishment of Quality Assurance System

We have established a quality assurance system head office in order to grasp the needs of customers and market trends precisely and to provide high quality products that meet our customers’ needs. At the same time, our all divisions have acquired ISO9001 certification. Through such efforts, we are showing our commitment to customers and improving our customer satisfaction levels.