CSR Management

CSR Basic Policy

Through dialog with stakeholders as a member of society, the Achilles Group strives to expand its activities aimed at helping to solve social problems, and contributes to the sustainable development of society.

In line with this policy, the Achilles Group carries out its business activities while positioning seven issues as the Achilles Key CSR Themes.

CSR Promotion System

Achilles Corporation positions the realization of our corporate philoso-phy—“Living with Society” = “Customer First”—as our CSR strategy; the executive officer responsible for CSR provides support so that the directors and managing executive officers responsible for operational matters can play a leading role in implementing activities that contribute to the realization of this corporate philosophy. The Compliance Promotion Office and the Safety and Environment Promotion Department function as the CSR Secretariat, providing support for CSR activities and compiling related reports.

CSR promotion system framework

CSR promotion system framework

Achilles’ Stakeholders

The Achilles Group’s Main
Responsibilities and Challenges
Main Opportunities for
Dialog and Disclosure
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Providing products and services that
    can be used safely and with peace of mind
  • Providing appropriate information
    regarding product use etc.
  • Responding promptly and appropriately
    to customers’ inquiries
  • Implementing appropriate management
    of customers’ personal information
  • Day-to-day operations
    (on an ongoing basis)
  • Customer Consultation Office
    (handling telephone calls and e-mail inquiries)
    (on an ongoing basis, during business hours)
  • Company website
    (on an ongoing basis)
  • Special events
    (including exhibitions etc.)
    (on an occasional basis)
  • “Sokuiku” consultation sessions
  • “Sokuiku” consultation room
    (foot measurement and visiting sessions)
  • Timely and appropriate disclosure
  • Enhancement of corporate value
  • Respect for voting rights
    (in relation to the shareholders meeting)
  • Investor relations activities
  • Company website
    (on an ongoing basis)
  • Issuing of earnings briefings
    (four times a year)
  • Issuing of quarterly reports and the annual
    securities reports(four times a year)
  • Issuing of reports to shareholders
    (twice a year)
  • Holding of the annual general meeting of
    shareholders (once a year)
  • Issuing of the “Achilles CSR” CSR report
    (once a year)
  • Fair and equitable transactions
  • Open transaction opportunities
  • Requesting collaboration on,
    and providing support for, CSR promotion
  • Appropriate provision of information
  • Day-to-day procurement activities
    (on an ongoing basis)
  • Special events
    (including exhibitions etc.)
    (on an occasional basis)
  • Information exchange meetings
    (on an occasional basis)
  • CSR procurement questionnaire surveys
  • Respect for human rights
  • Concern for occupational health and safety
  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Mutual trust between labor and management
  • Labor-management meetings
    (on an occasional basis)
  • Direct communication from senior management
    (on an occasional basis)
  • Off-the-job training (on an occasional basis)
  • Safety dojo in manufacturing divisions (on an occasional basis)
  • Seminars (on an occasional basis)
  • In-house magazine
  • Respect for local cultures and traditions
  • Prevention of workplace accidents
    and disasters
  • Activities that make a positive contribution to
    the local community
  • Reducing the environmental footprint
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Payment of taxes
  • Implementation of factory visits
    (on an occasional basis)
  • Implementation of social contribution activities
    (including volunteering activities)
    (on an occasional basis)
  • Communication and exchange of views with local
    government authorities (on an occasional basis)
  • Purchase of J-Credits from local governments (once/year)
  • Responding to requests for meetings, and
    providing information (on an occasional basis)
  • Implementation of dialog, coordination and
    support through collaboration etc.
    between industry, universities and government
    (on an occasional basis)