Heat Insulation Materials

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Achilles strives to reduce CO2 emissions, to protect the global environment, and to improve our living environments through heat insulation. We engage in the development and production of materials geared toward housing and global environment preservation with products such as environmentally friendly heat insulation materials that do not emit any greenhouse gasses.

Rigid Urethane Foam (Board/Panel Products)

Rigid urethane foam has benefits including heat insulation, being lightweight, heat resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance. Moreover, products laminated with various functional surface materials can realize additional functions.

Major Products

Thermal Barrier Surface Material High-Performance Rigid Urethane Foam (Z1 Board)

Z1 BoardZ1 Board

The Z1 Board is a newly developed heat insulation material that boasts of the industry's highest level of thermal conductivity of 0.018 W/(m·K). Like the Q1 Board, the Z1 Board offers longer-lasting heat insulation performance, with an aluminum foil surface material that provides excellent thermal shielding performance.

Thermal Barrier Surface Material High-Performance Rigid Urethane Foam (Q1 Board)

Q1 BoardQ1 Board

The Q1 Board is a high-performance rigid urethane foam with excellent heat insulation over time (thermal conductivity of 0.021 W/(m·K)). Aluminum foil that has excellent thermal shielding performance is used as the surface material.

Internal Insulation Board for Wooden Construction (Achilles JD Panel)

Achilles JD PanelAchilles JD Panel

The Achilles JD Panel is a heat-insulating composite panel optimal for insulation retrofitting of existing houses. It combines Z1 Boards, which are the pinnacle of insulation performance in the industry, with fire-resistant plasterboards.

On-Site Rigid Foaming Urethane Foam (Achilles Airlon R Series)

This heat insulation system uses a special foaming machine on-site to apply rigid urethane foam. It offers a wide array of benefits, including labor savings, reduced costs due to shorter construction times, and the creation of insulation layers with no gaps. Its excellent effects can be utilized not only in general construction but in insulation and prevention of condensation in freezers and refrigerated warehouses.

Major Products

On-Site Rigid Foaming Urethane Foam (ACHILLES AIRLON FR-FO)


ACHILLES AIRLON FR-FO uses a new foaming agent (HFO) with low global warming potential (GWP). It is a sprayed-type rigid urethane foam for general construction that realizes reduced environmental impact with better heat insulation performance.

On-Site Rigid Foaming Urethane Foam (ACHILLES AIRLON R-2H)


ACHILLES AIRLON R-2H is a non-fluorocarbon type of rigid urethane foam that uses a new foaming agent (HFO). It offers excellent durability and is mainly intended for heat insulation in freezers and refrigerated warehouses alongside wooden houses.

Polystyrene Foam

Styrene foam (expanded polystyrene foam) insulation materials of Achilles are manufactured with non-fluorocarbon hydrocarbon-based foaming agents.

Major Products

Foam for Wooden Structures (Kohplan Foam)

Kohplan FoamKohplan Foam

Kohplan Foam is a floor insulation material for wooden houses that makes the most of foamed polystyrene's excellent functions and workability.

Foam for RC Structures (Achilles SA Panel)

Achilles SA PanelAchilles SA Panel

Achilles SA Panel is an advanced technology insulation panel that combines cross-piece integration and formwork. It is environmentally friendly and can be used to achieve simplified construction and high heat insulation.

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