Message from the President

President Mamoru Ito

Since our founding, we have stated that our mission is to serve our customers in every way possible. This is the meaning behind our corporate motto of “Achilles—Supporting Your Life.” With this mission firmly in our minds, we are proud to have stayed by cus-tomers’ sides throughout the years, developing products and inno-vating services to meet changing needs.

Products that support your life are needed in everyday life, like shoes, urethane foam mattress products, car interior materials that create a comfortable driving experience, and wallpaper and other construction materials that create comfortable spaces. It goes without saying that the most important ingredient in continuing to create these products for many years to come is thinking from the customer’s viewpoint.

Trust in the Japanese manufacturing industry has been shaken recently, with reports of fabricated quality data and other improprieties. This leads us to wonder if our reason for existing and engaging in business activities is also being questioned.
Our corporate philosophy equates living with society with putting customers first. To continue being a company needed in society, we must without question respect human rights and comply with laws and international norms both in our home country and abroad. On this point, the actions of all of our employees are the focus of attention.

Last year marked the 70th anniversary of our founding. As we pledged to return to the roots of our founding spirit, we also began a new chapter in the history of Achilles.
These roots refer to our belief that everything we do is connected to our customers. While this belief will not change, I pledge to improve our product safety, quality, and reliability to meet market changes and customer needs in order to provide excellent products and services to customers.

September 2018