Soft Urethane Foam

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Achilles' soft urethane foam is used in a wide range of applications. Based on our advanced compounding technology, these products provide diverse functions and variety. We offer environmentally friendly materials for numerous applications ranging from bedding and interior design to packaging materials, vehicles, and industrial products. Here, we introduce some of our main products (environmentally friendly foams and functional foams).

Environmentally Friendly Foams

As initiatives toward achieving the SDGs advance, materials used in various categories must respond to these environmental measures. There is growing demand for environmentally friendly soft urethane foam products as well, and Achilles has developed and released various types of environmentally friendly foams.

Major Products

Environmentally Friendly Foam (AIRLON ECO)


AIRLON ECO is a foam created by partially replacing some of the main petroleum-based raw materials with plant-based raw materials to create a soft urethane foam. Reducing the volume of petrochemical raw materials used contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Environmentally Friendly Foam (CRIIN FOAM)


CRIIN FOAM is a low-density, high-performance polyurethane foam that uses carbon dioxide as the foaming agent to reduce VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions into the atmosphere during manufacture.

Environmentally Friendly Foam (FITTY)


FITTY is a new chip foam that promotes recycling of viscoelastic foam and reduces CO2 emissions during incineration and disposal. In addition to its environmental performance, it is designed to provide the best of both worlds, offering excellent shock absorption and body pressure dispersion while alleviating the sensation of touching the bottom.

Functional Foam

Achilles' soft urethane foam applies the latest technologies and equipment to create Functional Foams with diverse functions including lightweight properties, flexibility, excellent cushioning, heat retention, shock absorption, and sound absorption. Here are some of our major products.

Major Products

Functional Foam (ThermoPhase)


ThermoPhase is a urethane foam with a special coating to enable comfortable body temperature control without compromising urethane foam's properties.

Functional Foam (MUMAKKU: Filmless Foam)


"MUMAKKU: Filmless Foam" is a urethane foam without a film. It removes the film-like membrane of urethane foam to enable air and water to pass through more easily.

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