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Achilles Group Compliance Organization

With its corporate philosophy “Living with Society” = “Customer First” as its backbone, the Achilles Group has established its “Charter of Corporate Conduct” as its basic principle for fulfilling its social responsibilities.
To ensure that the work of every employee of the Group does not violate laws, company policies and rules, and corporate ethics, we have implemented a Code of Conduct as a guideline for compliance.

In order to thoroughly enact, maintain, and improve compliance of the Code of Conduct, a Compliance Committee―which the president chairs and comprises regional representatives―meets regularly to check the status of compliance and carry out supervision and guidance.
The Compliance Head Office works with related sectionisions―such as the Personnel and Administration Department and Regional Administration Departments―to promote compliance by devising and implementing relevant measures, familiarizing employees with the compliance manual, and improving compliance based on the monitoring results.
The Audit Office is responsible for monitoring the status of compliance at all the divisions and subsidiaries, making a report of its findings and points of concern to the Compliance Committee and the Company, and working to improve companywide compliance in cooperation with the Compliance Head Office and other related divisions.

Compliance Organizational Chart

Compliance Organizational Chart