Disaster Prevention and Lifesaving

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We provide necessary products and services—from preventive measures to rescue/lifesaving, evacuation site assistance, and restoration and recovery activities in the event of a disaster—by utilizing the technologies and experience we have nurtured over many years to handle natural disasters and infectious diseases that are now rising in number by the year.

Air Tents

Air tents can be inflated and set up in minutes during an emergency such as a disaster or an accident. These tents can be folded down to a compact size for storage. Achilles offers a diverse lineup of air tents ranging from large tents for use in disasters to medical tents with a double-curtain structure when high airtightness is required.

Major Products

  • Disaster Prevention Air Tent (A-66) Disaster Prevention Air Tent (A-66)
  • Medical Air Tent (ASH-66) Medical Air Tent (ASH-66)
  • Large Air Tent for Vehicle Storage (G-116) Large Air Tent for Vehicle Storage (G-116)

Rescue Boats

Rescue boats can swiftly be launched in an emergency. Our largest model can seat up to 12 people and be used in various scenarios, including water accidents and flooding. These high-spec boats maintain their durability even under severe conditions.

Major Products

  • Water Accident Rescue Boat (FRB-380) Water Accident Rescue Boat (FRB-380)
  • Flood Rescue Boat (DEIB-310) Flood Rescue Boat (DEIB-310)
  • Running Water Rescue Boat (RJB-380) Running Water Rescue Boat (RJB-380)

Backpack-Type Fire Extinguishers


FIRE HUNTER is a backpack-type fire extinguisher with a wide array of functions that enable efficient work. It alleviates the burden for firefighters, facilitating swift action in forest disasters.

Inflatable Water Tank

Vertical Tube Type: AMR-1000Vertical Tube Type: AMR-1000

This is an emergency water tank for firefighting and relay water storage. No cumbersome assembly is necessary; the product can be used easily just by inflating it with air. It is also compact and takes up little space when stored.

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