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Ever since our establishment, we have been pursuing comfort that incorporates both superior functionality and fashionability. Under the theme of "fusion of sensibility and technology" = "creation of functional beauty", Achilles applies the technology it has cultivated over many years to create shoes that correspond to the needs of our customers.
We offer shoes for various lifestyles, including junior sports shoes and running shoes for health and fun, along with leather shoes that have perfected functions for walking with comfort.

Major Products

  • Running shoes MEDIFOAM Running shoes "MEDIFOAM"
  • Ladies' pumps ALL DAY Walk Ladies' pumps "ALL DAY Walk"
  • Junior sports shoes SYUNSOKU Junior sports shoes "SYUNSOKU"
  • Leather shoes Achilles SORBO Leather shoes "Achilles SORBO"
  • Rubber boots MONTRRE Rubber boots "MONTRRE"

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