RIM Molding (Large-Scale Molding)

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Large resin molded products (Achilles Tafron)

Achilles Tafron is a large-scale resin molding product that employs RIM molding (Reaction Injection Molding). As the raw materials are in liquid form, the resin can be spread smoothly within the mold at low injection pressures. This makes it possible to create larger sizes, which is difficult with conventional injection molding, vacuum molding, pressure molding, and sheet metal, and offers other benefits such as greater freedom in design. This expands product design possibilities as customers can choose the optimal physical property type according to their application and purpose.

Major Products (Case Studies)

  • CT Imaging System CT Imaging System
  • Reception Machine for Hospitals Reception Machine for Hospitals
  • Wagon for Ultrasonography Equipment Wagon for Ultrasonography Equipment
  • Dental Treatment Table Dental Treatment Table

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