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Yamamomo (Reinforced Heat-Retention Type)

Yamamomo is a high-performance agricultural vinyl film (reinforced heat-retention type) for inner covers that has enhanced heat retention, transparency, and workability. It has excellent heat retention on par with that of products having a thickness of 0.1 mm despite Yamamomo having a thickness of just 0.05 mm.
The product ensures high transparency to boost the light transmittance of film while thoroughly retaining heat, enabling users to develop cultivation environments for high-quality agricultural products without disturbing crop growth.

Fundamental Characteristics

Fog-proof, drip-proof, transparent


  • High heat retention

  • High transparency

  • Excellent workability

  • Able to be rolled up manually

  • Suppression of fog and mist


Thickness(mm) Width(cm) Length(m)
0.05 200, 230, 270, 300, 330, 370, 400 100
  • *: This table is not our standing inventory.
  • *: Longer rolls (e.g., 500 m) are available by special order.
  • *: For special orders of custom sizes and lengths, please inquire.

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