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Industrial Materials

Industrial Materials Ⅰ

We help you to achieve total coordination of your space, as well as maximum comfort, with our advanced technology and materials.

At Achilles, we produce items ranging from interior materials that enhance the look of the home to insulating materials-which actually improve the quality of the building itself-to interior design products for a comfortable environment; in other words, our superior capacity for developing enables total coordination for the living space. In this product group, we offer rigid fluorocarbon-free urethane foam insulating materials conducive to environmental protection and the formation of a sustainable society, polystyrene foam products, used in a variety of fields, and flexible urethane products that respond to a range of market needs.

  • Vibration control/Sound absorption material

    Vibration control/Sound absorption material

  • Bed mattress[Freabell]

    Bed mattress[Freabell]

  • Non-fluorocarbon on-site foaming system[Achilles Airlon FR-FO]

    Non-fluorocarbon on-site foaming system
    [Achilles Airlon FR-FO]

  • Heat insulation metallic roofing materials[Achilles Iiyane]

    Heat insulation metallic roofing materials
    [Achilles Iiyane]

  • Non-fluorocarbon external living boards

    Non-fluorocarbon external living boards

  • Recyclable styrol molding designs

    Recyclable styrol molding designs

Industrial Materials Ⅱ

We offer a great many high-tech products, including static control items and injection molded parts.

The ST polymer, an essential technical component in the production of parts for personal computers and electronics, is gaining attention around the world for its qualities of environmental friendliness and low gas emissions. We also produce a variety of electronics-related items including EMI shields, heat conductive sheets, and more. As for industrial applications, we have developed RIM molds, which can be utilized in large-scale plastic molding with small lots and larger, and paint masking tools using electroforming technology. At Achilles, we are contributing to all types of fields through technology that leads the way.

  • Conductive tape for electrostatic chuck

    Conductive tape for electrostatic chuck

  • ST-poly treated conductive trays

    ST-poly treated conductive trays

  • Static eliminator

    Static eliminator

  • Wafer carriers

    Wafer carriers

  • Conductive floor mat

    Conductive floor mat

  • Machine housing

    Machine housing

  • Paint masking tools

    Paint masking tools

  • Water meter

    Water meter