Corporate Profile


Shoes Business Division

“Fusion of inspiration and technology” = “Creation of functional beauty”

Since our establishment, we have been working to create shoes that are both functional and fashionable. Our shoes capture the needs of the times and are treasured by our customers. We believe that a fusion of inspiration and technology creates functional beauty.
Our success in this market is based on years of experience in developing shoes.
We also have tie-ups with popular overseas brands which allows us to offer a wide selection of shoes.

Alleviating the burden on your foot for a light step forward.


Achilles SORBO are leather shoes with the brand concept of "Embracing each step for peace of mind." The heels feature the shock-absorbent and pressure-dispersing material "SORBOTHANE" for a lightweight, cushioned sole that eases the burden on one's knees and hips.
The shoes also feature soft materials, including comfortable soft leather, which are combined to embrace your feet.

A shoe series selling a total of more than 80 million pairs!!


SYUNSOKU shoes hit the shelves in May 2003, with the catchphrase "Open a lead when cornering!"
The development concept of these shoes was to "Make fast runners faster, and give hope to slow runners." The shoes are designed under the idea of Sokuiku (foot growth), to cultivate the functions of the foot by using shoe lasts (molds) according to foot growth and reducing the burden on feet. The total sales of the SYUNSOKU series have exceeded 80 million pairs.
Furthermore, at the 20th anniversary of its release, brand values have been reorganized, with the tagline "Dreams start running today" and the brand statement "Shoes for children that aid in creating opportunities and excitement toward doing their best, and nurturing their strength to reach for their dreams."
We will continue to promote activities that will provide dreams, hope, and courage to children.