Corporate Profile

Industrial Materials

Urethane Division

Leveraging the diverse functionalities and traits of urethane to make products

Achilles continues to supply the market with flexible urethane foam products and their secondary processed product under the general trade mark of Achilles Airlon.
In addition to the seemingly contradictory traits of low and high viscoelasticity and low and high air permeability, Achilles Airlon products also feature functionalities or characteristics including low susceptibility static electricity charge and flame retardancy. Taking advantage of these, we serve the automobile, ship, light electrical appliance, construction, soundproofing, and damping materials, as well as materials essential for a comfortable home such as bedding, clothing, furniture, rugs, and sundries.
Achilles Airlon's unique production method extracts the functions and features that the market demands, and is creating a new future for urethane.

Heat Insultion Materials Division

Hidden Quality

While not always obvious to the eye, construction materials help to make our homes and other buildings comfortable. Through researching insulation materials and construction methods that improve building quality, we have been developing and producing materials that help to make the home and global environments better, such as by saving energy.

Insulation Materials (boards/panels)

Developing innovative insulating materials and products with our unique technology

Insulation Materials (boards/panels)

Since Achilles started developing and selling rigid urethane foam laminated board for the first time in Japan, our insulation materials have been popular in the market. While supplying rigid urethane foam products that support a circular society with energy-saving performance as the base, we have been forging ahead with construction methods that meet the needs of the times. Energy conservation is one such need.
In addition to making Z1 Board and Q1 Board—insulation materials with thermal barrier surface material for high-performance homes—we have a diverse line-up of Achilles Board for RC buildings and rooftop insulation. With products like the Triton series, which effectively mitigates heat and low temperature inside barns, we help to save energy in a wide range of fields.
Moreover, we are helping to conserve the global environment by endeavoring to supply only fluorocarbon-free products ahead of the industry.

Insulation Materials (systems)

A product line serving every field by making the most of advanced foam technology

Insulation Materials (systems)

Using on-site foaming rigid urethane foam and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as the core materials, we provide our proprietary technology and expertise to a range of product types including insulation materials, embedded foams and decorative foams in the areas of civil engineering and construction, as well as mold model foams, packing materials, and materials for modeling.
To help conserve the global environment and promote a circular society, we have been working to advance the use of fluorocarbon-free products by expanding sales of the on-site rigid foaming urethane foam system Achilles Airlon FR-FO, which employs the newly developed foaming agent (HFO), and EPS insulation materials Koplan Board and Koplan Foam.

Industrial Materials Division

Manufacturing state-of-the-art antistatic products, injection molding, etc.

Manufacturing IT components requires sophisticated quality control. Achilles has answered the call with a range of technologies that includes state-of-the-art antistatic products.

Antistatic Materials

Developing products for diversified electronic parts and components

Antistatic Materials

In addition to antistatic products and packing materials that are essential for the production process of all kinds of electronic parts and components like semiconductor devices, hard disks, and LCDs, we develop and supply various products such as conductive plastics made using our proprietary conductive processing technology, ST polymer.
Achilles offers solutions and makes products that meet various needs of the electronics industry, including a wafer transport system that securely and efficiently transport semiconductor wafers, and electroless plating technology that employs conductive polymers.

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

The RIM technique is important in fields ranging from everyday essentials to medical equipment

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)

Rim products are gaining attention for use in a range of scenarios because they significantly reduce the cost of molds, which have been an obstacle for large-scale plastic molding, and can handle small-lot production.
By taking advantage of our proprietary materials, molding and processing technologies, and assembling capability, Achilles can produce designs that satisfy a broad scope of applications and needs. We are also striving to manufacture products that take the global environment into consideration.