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Shoes Business Division

“Fusion of inspiration and technology” = “Creation of functional beauty”

Since our establishment, we have been working to create shoes that are both functional and fashionable. Our shoes capture the needs of the times and are treasured by our customers. We believe that a fusion of inspiration and technology creates functional beauty.
Our success in this market is based on years of experience in developing shoes.
We also have tie-ups with popular overseas brands which allows us to offer a wide selection of shoes.

“Alleviating a burden on your foot, “ACHILLES SORBO”
makes a light step forward... ”


“ACHILLES SORBO” walking shoes featuring a fusion of two functions i.e. highly functional super cushion “SORBOTHANE” and “Polyurethane sole” offers ultimate levels of easy and tireless walking, providing comfortable support to your foot.

“SYUNSOKU, kids’ standard shoes, evolving into a general family sports brand”


Achilles "SYUNSOKU," the No.1 brand backing up kids' lifestyle, i.e. school life, is now working on product mix expansion such as diversification of target age groups from babies to adults and building new categories within the junior zone, which is SYUNSOKU's main target now.
Aiming at evolving into a general family sports brand, SYUNSOKU has developed a wide variety of shoes such as:

  1. i)SYUNSOKU Baby, a tangible form of "Healthy Foot Growth," Achilles' development theme of shoes encouraging healthy growth of infant feet just begin to toddle;
  2. ii)new SYUNSOKU models for juniors focusing on making correct choices with SYUNSOKU with three widths, i.e. 1E, 2E and 3E;
  3. iii)SYUNSOKU Junior models responding, both sizes and design-wise, to voices from kids in higher-grades of elementary schools, who want to wear shoes of more mature design;
  4. iv)SYUNSOKU Dance, developed amid high public concern in synch with introduction of compulsory dancing classes at schools in Japan; and
  5. v)SYUNSOKU Kizuna (ties) Series for Adults, promoted under the catchphrase of "Revenge now for my defeat in foot race!" for those who failed to become a hero of childhood foot races.








  • ACHILLES SORBO for men

    [ACHILLES SORBO for men]

  • ACHILLES SORBO for women

    [ACHILLES SORBO for women]

  • SPALDING for men

    [SPALDING for men]

  • ALL DAY Walk for women

    [ALL DAY Walk for women]

  • MONTRRE for women

    [MONTRRE for women]