Basic Approach

The Achilles Group has formulated a Charter of Corporate Behavior, which embodies the fundamental principles for corporate action that realizes compliance and respects corporate ethics, and has also formulated a Code of Conduct that specifi es concrete standards in re-lation to the above. All Achilles Group personnel—including executive officers and contract and part-time workers—are required to under-stand the Charter of Corporate Behavior and to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Achilles Group aims to create added value that is useful to society and, through autonomous and responsible action, achieve a sustainable society. Therefore, based on conformance to the following rules both nationally and internationally, the Group will observe international rules, laws and regula-tions—together with the spirit in which they were created—and fulfi ll its social obligations in accordance with a high level of ethical values:

  1. 1.(Sustainable economic growth and solution of social issues)
    Through innovation, we shall endeavor to develop and provide products and services that are safe and useful to society, and promote sustainable economic growth and solution of social issues, so as to obtain true customer satisfaction and trust.
  2. 2.(Fair business practice)
    We shall compete in a fair and open manner. We shall conduct all transactions appropriately and promote responsible procurement. We shall maintain sound relationships with political and governmental entities.
  3. 3.(Fair information disclosure and constructive dialogue with stakeholders)
    We shall disclose corporate information in an active, effective and fair manner, and conduct a constructive dialogue with diverse stakeholders in order to en-hance corporate value.
  4. 4.(Respect for human rights)
    We shall endeavor to conduct management practice that respects the human rights of all people.
  5. 5.(Building relationship of trust with consumers and customers)
    We shall provide consumers and customers with appropriate information relat-ed to products and services, and communicate with them in an honest manner, so as to obtain their true satisfaction and trust.
  6. 6.(Workstyle reform and achievement of a fulfi lling work environment)
    We shall enhance employees’ abilities, achieve a workstyle that respects their diversity, personalities and individuality, and create a safe, healthy, employee friendly environment.
  7. 7.(Dealing with environmental issues)
    We recognize that environmental issues are a common challenge for all hu-manity, and that dealing with them is necessary for the company’s existence and activities. We shall therefore strive to reduce our environmental impact on society.
  8. 8.(Social participation and contribution to social development)
    As a good corporate citizen, we shall actively participate in society and contrib-ute to its development.
  9. 9.(Thorough risk management)
    In order to prepare for the activities of antisocial forces that may threaten the everyday lives of citizens or corporate activities, and for the threat posed by terrorism, cyberattacks and natural disasters, etc., we shall conduct thorough risk management implemented under an appropriate organizational system.
  10. 10.(The role of top management and thorough observance of the Charter)
    The executive officers of the Achilles Group will recognize their role in achieving the spirit of the Charter, build effective governance to ensure that the Company and its group companies are fully informed, and, in addition, encourage the supply chain to act based on that spirit. In the event of any occurrence that contradicts the spirit of the Charter and causes the Company to lose the trust of society, the top management will fulfi ll its responsibility by taking the initia-tive for solving the relevant problems, fi nding causes and preventing them from recurring.

Compliance Promotion Activities

Compliance training at Head Offi ce (Tokyo)Compliance training at Tokyo Head Office

The main compliance promotion activities implemented in FY 2019 were as follows:

  1. Held compliance trainings:
    • Topic: Subcontract Act
    • Topic: Harassment preven-tion (in response to amend-ed legislation)
    • Topic: Stamp Tax Act
    • Topic: Elimination of anti-social forces
  2. Implemented a compliance awareness survey for officers
  3. Other necessary adjustments to rules made in response to revision of relevant laws, etc., and making employees aware of these adjustments.

Reporting and Consultation System

The Achilles Group has established, and utilizes, a hotline (internal re-porting system) as a means for consultation and reporting in the event of improper, unlawful or unethical action by an organization or individ-ual, or action that violates the Achilles Action Guidelines, or where it is determined that there is a danger of such action. In regard to matters relating to the Achilles Group’s directors or senior managers, several reporting windows have been put in place, including a window for re-porting directly to the Members of the Audit & Supervisory Board; in this way, the Achilles Group endeavors to ensure that any unlawful behavior is discovered and remedied at an early stage, thereby minimizing the risk to the company. Furthermore, internal rules have been put in place to ensure that persons who report improper behavior do not suffer any adverse consequences.

The hotline is also used for consultation and reporting regarding ha-rassment; every effort is made to ensure that persons requesting con-sultation or submitting reports do not suffer any adverse consequences as a result.

Regarding any violations of human rights that may come to light through the operation of the hotline and the occasional questionnaire surveys, such matters will be discussed at the periodic meetings of the Compliance Committee, and appropriate measures will be taken.

Hotline framework

Hotline framework